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Welcome to BIREI Kimono & Culture!

Flow of rental

① Choose Kimono (15min)

Choose your Kimono. If you look at our HP/Facebook/Instagram and find your favorite, let us know to keep them for you!

② Start dressing (20-30min)

Take off your clothes. You can keep your underwear & T-shirts.
After you wear Tabi-socks and Kimono underwear, call your staff to start dressing Kimono!

③ Dressing

It takes about 15min to 20min to complete to dress Kimono & Obi belt.
During waiting your friends, you can set your hair styles, read books, watching DVDs.
Hair accessories are all free to rent!

④ You can leave your luggage

We can keep your luggage.
You need to bring your valuables with you and if you need, we have small kimono bags for you.

⑤ Payment

Payment (Cash only).

⑥ Select your shoes

Choose your kimono shoes.
We can rent Japanese umbrellas if you want.

⑦ Let's go sightseeing!

Go outside to find your great day!
Please have fun to take pictures, communicate people in Asakusa, and feel NIPPON!

⑧ Come back to BIREI

Welcome back to BIREI!
Please enjoy good Japanese tea and take a rest.
Change your clothes and have a safe way to your home!
Thank you for visit BIREI Kimono & Culture!



flow of rental

BIREI Kimono & Culture

Saikodo Village KAME102
1-18-4 Higashikomagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

TEL.81 3-5637-8568
FAX.81 3-5637-8568

Please kindly call or email us before you visit our store to make sure your time slot available.
Thank you!