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Welcome to BIREI Kimono & Culture!

BIREI ORIGAMI & Calligraphy


TOKYO ORIGAMI LESSONS@ BIREI Kimono & Culture (60min)

  • ¥3000(including tax)・・you can get your own origami papers, instructions.
  • ¥2000 with kimono plan (including tax)・・before or after enjoy kimono wearing, you can try origami class. You will have your own origami papers and instructions.

A piece of square paper will turn into various figures beyond the reach of imagination.

You never that, the tips of SONY, TOYOTA, MARIO, and PIKACHU have been from the creativities and imaginations that a square paper folding had brought.

If you want to try ORIGAMI, nothing is required or you should buy in advance.
In my childhood, my grandfather used old newspapers to show me how to fold origami cranes.

Candy wrappers, newspapers, and even remnants of Kimono can be used for origami.
It tells you an idea about “MOTTAINAI” that one of the values Japanese people truly have believed in.

In Japan, it has been believed that spirit and life reside with everything around us. Therefore, people are unwilling to waste anything nor change to new ones even though ones still can be used.

Through our course you will feel how magical and how rich that a piece of paper which is supposed to be trashed will turn into an art object.

In the course, for example, you can make flowers and leaves in each season.
For your guests, for birthday, and for table interiors, it will be perfect items!

From kids to adults, our course will be a great chance to explore your creativities.
We provide our text so that you can practice origami at home!

We offer the course for an activity of the international conferences, offsite of companies, and team building purposes. All are welcome, from individuals to large groups (around 100)! We will be flexible for number of people, what to make, and the course slot.

Calligraphy Trial course

Calligraphy Trial course (\3000)

Calligraphy is one of the traditional Japanese culture, use ink-dipped brush and write Chinese Kanji and Japanese Hiranaga on special papers, called Hanshi.

First, you can learn how to use a brush with correct posture.
With water-dipped brush, you can practice what you would like to write, such as your favorite words and your name in Chinese characters or Hiranaga.
We will explain each meaning of the Characters.

As your final, you will write it on a Special paper board, called Shikishi.
We have a small gift for you at the end of your class!

  • Maximum 4-5 people at once.
  • Please talk to us if you are a big group.



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BIREI Kimono & Culture

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Please kindly call or email us before you visit our store to make sure your time slot available.
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