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Welcome to BIREI Kimono & Culture!




Let’s take the air dressing beautiful kimono that reflects a sense of the season.
As we know, we have beautiful four seasons in Japan.
We would like you to feel how comfortable to wear Kimono in rhythm with the seasons.

Authentic, beautiful Yukata plan \4000

The Price includes tax, hair accessories, summer underwear, yukata shoes, and etc. Nothing should be prepared in advance.
Also, we offer all types of yukata with same price! No ranking differences.

Summer kimonos, called YUKATA is ready for you!

We will be ready to offer our Yukata plan from May 1st.

Even though it seems a bit early for yukata as kimono schedule, if it's so hot, you can wear yukata instead of kimono. We can arrange yukata dressing like Kimono too.


Yukata is a casual summer wearing in Japan, and very popular and comfortable like a summer dress.
So people in Japan often wear Yukata for summer night, fireworks festivals, and Bon dancing party!

Compared with Kimono, Yukata is very casual and easy to wear because of less layers.
However, it would be really difficult to dress beautifully, and securely.
So, we carefully pay attention to the lines and figures to make your yukata style perfect!
Also, our Obi belt arrangements are the must-see!
We are not using easily generated obi belt, but arranged to make great figures with long obi-belts by hands.
It will be beautifully arranged on your backside.


We selected our yukatas with holding to our uncompromising standards!
Some are all hand-sowing, traditionally dyed with indigo and the deep blue is indescribably beautiful.
Cool, beauty, elegant, cute, modern, antique...!!! Any style you want !
You can be what you want to be with our yukata!

Free Plan(summer kimono) : ¥5000 (tax included)

After completed dressing Kimono, you can spend your valuable time with Kimono until 16:30. For example, you could enjoy a vaudeville show, called YOSE in Asakusa, or take a train to Ginza to see KABUKI if you want!!

JINRIKISHA Plan( Main plan + ¥2000/person) (tax included)

After dressing Kimono, JINRIKISHA KOSUGIYA, one of the most professional JINRIKISHA people will pick you up at BIREI. They will take you to a wonderful trip rom Sky tree to KAMINARIMON (takes about 15min).

  • 30min  \4,000/person (tax included)
  • 60min  \7,500/person (tax included)
  • 2h(special)  \15,000/person&photo present (tax included)


ORIGAMI Plan: about 60 min

(Main Plan + 2000 Yen / If you try only ORIGMI, it will be 3000 Yen, tax included).
Cranes and seasonal flowers you will fold could be a great souvenirs for your friends and family!!

Calligraphy Plan : about 40 min

( Main Plan + 2000 Yen / If you try only Calligraphy, it will be 3000 Yen, tax included).
You can choose some characters or words you prefer to write. Rapped nicely to take your home with you!!



Hakama de Samurai Plan!!  :¥7000(Tax included)

Hakama is one of the traditional wearing for male, as you see below.
It is put on Kimono and can be used for formal scenes, such as tea ceremonies, graduation, and wedding.

If you see Japanese samurai movies, you will find they wear Hakama very cool!

you can move easily than normal kimono since it is like skirt or pants.

Let's feel Samurai spirit with Hakama!

Hakama for Ladies!!  : ¥7000 (Tax included)

We have also Hakama for ladies!!
It is knows as a formal wearing such as graduation, but you can also wear daily.
Since Hakama used to be a uniform for young girl students, you will find you can move easy and can be active with hakama!

Hakama is available from Oct to May!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!!


Spring special trip with rickshaw plan(END)

Kimono one day rental +rickshaw 30min!!

Your reservation can be made under the condition: from 12:00〜, more than 2 people.
Total weight should be less than 200kg.

After you wear kimono, your rickshaw will pick you up to Sumida riverside, nice view spots you can see Skytree, special spots you can take photos with cherry blossoms, and reach to Sensoji temple.

Unbelievably reasonable and high quality!
Do not miss it!

Cherry blossoms viewing has been a unique custom in Japan.
The period of blooming of Sakura is only 1-2 weeks, but that’s exactly why it tells us the ephemeral life is so beautiful.

To feel true beauty of this blooming season, let’s wear real and beautiful kimonos of BIREI!

Jinrikisha (rickshaw) and photo-shooting are greatly recommended options!!!


We have Kimonos for Kids!!
Main Plan : Same prices as Adult’s.

SHICHIGOSAN (The Seven-Five-Three Festival ) Plan : all plan includes tax

  • 7years girl (15,000 Yen )
  • 5years boy (10,000 Yen )
  • 3 years girl (8,000 Yen)

person Dress-up Kimono, Nice photo with a frame, and candies for celebration of SHICHIGOSAN, festival for 3-year-old boys and girls, 5-year-old boys and 7-year-old girls. Normally Shichigosan festival is held in November. We celebrate our children’s good healthy long life and hope their good lucks in the future.

※ You can buy TABI Socks you use for 550 Yen (tax included)



flow of rental

BIREI Kimono & Culture

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Please kindly call or email us before you visit our store to make sure your time slot available.
Thank you!