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Welcome to BIREI Kimono & Culture!

ASAKUSA TOKYO, BIREI Kimono & Culture!

BIREI Kimono & Culture!

Today, kimonos for rental are mostly polyester kimonos, which can be massproducted and easy to care (you can wash it by laundry machine!)

BUT!! BIREI Kimono & Culture truly recommend our pure silk kimonos to try!!! you feel very soft, smooth when you dress pure silk, and it looks very noble.

Also, you will feel Japanese cultural values,which respect nature and ecological ideas.

BIREI, the best kimono rental in Tokyo is the one to go!!


Everything is included in the price!
There is no additional cost for tax accessories, socks, and other items you use for kimono dressing.

You will be surprised how many items you can choose to dress kimono, such as Obi belt, Obiage, Obijime, kimono jackets, and socks etc.
some other stores offer these services as optional ways, but we offer these as standard way because these items should be used to make your kimono style great.
So, our price includes all, of course tax too!

Additionally, we offer Obi belt arrangement with no additional charge!
How to arrange your obi belt is very important matters and it should be arranged properly, depends on your kimono type from formal to casual.

you can contact us in English, and we accept credit card.

Thank you,

Asakusa Kimono Rental &Japanese Cultural activities


Kimono is a Japanese traditional dress. Up to 19th century, people in Japan had worn Kimono from in daily life to special occasions.

There are several types / ranks of Kimono, and people wear them depends on the events or scenes. Also, people care about season when they choose Kimono to wear.
With each season, the materials and patterns should be selected properly.


Origami is a  Japanese  traditional activity that you can magically create art objects from a piece of colorful square papers.

It is very enjoyable for everyone, from individual to a large group.
You can bring origami art to your home as great souvenirs of your stay in Japan.


You will notice that Kimono tells us beautiful spirits of Japanese culture.
The remnants will be changed to hair accessories, dolls, small bags and etc.
Even one piece of remnant should not be wasted.
Also, people often express their respect toward nature when they wear Kimono.
Kimono has so many patterns on it, such as flowers, rivers, leaves, fishes, birds and etc. People wear Kimonos that should be fit to the season, and respect all lives in nature.
As these stories tells, you see Japanese cultural value for “Harmony”, called “和(wa)”.
Harmony with nature, with environment, with lives.

【How interesting Asakusa is!!】

Asakusa is one of the most famous tourist place in Tokyo.
It has been a center of Shitamachi from Edo era, and it keeps very traditional atmosphere all around up to today. There are so many place to see and eat, so many things to do if you would like to see what Japanese culture is.

【What BIREI can do for you】

We would like to offer such a memorable Tokyo visit for all seasons with Kimono.
Kimono is admired not only as Japanese traditional clothes. It is more than that. It is a culture.You will realize how gracefully your body movement would change by dressing kimono and it would match the landscape of Asakusa area.
Through the cultural experience, you will feel and understand “JAPAN “much deeply and truly.

【Why BIREI is Special?】

★ BIREI Kimono & Culture offers real , traditional, graceful Kimonos , and the each can be the only one in the world. All processes to dress up should be in polite manners.
★ You can rent Kimono without any preparation in advance. Hair accessories, Japanese umbrellas, Tabi Socks, and bags/Shoes, are all included in the Price!!
Rikishaw can pick you up and go sightseeing with professional guide!
We collaborate with Asakusa Jinrikisha Kosugiya, one of the great rikishaw service in Asakusa and pick you up when you finish dressing Kimono.
Their driving and the guide are so exiting. They can take pictures during the course.
English speaker is always here for you!
If you need any assistance and questions, feel free to call/e-mail us in English anytime.

【BIREI’s policy】

Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.”
Asakusa Birei Kimono & Culture values this idea and thanks truly for every single encounter with our customers! Enjoy Japan with BIREI Kimono & Culture !!



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BIREI Kimono & Culture

Saikodo Village KAME102
1-18-4 Higashikomagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

TEL.81 3-5637-8568
FAX.81 3-5637-8568

Please kindly call or email us before you visit our store to make sure your time slot available.
Thank you!